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Our Story

It all began in Malawi in 2009 when Peter and Emma Maseko, along with their daughter Anne Alaniz, created an NGO called Pothawira (Safe Haven) Christian Mission Organisation.  Their objective was simple.  They wanted to help alleviate the poverty and suffering that afflicts so much of Malawi through a holistic approach that provides individuals, especially women and children, with the  opportunity to live, dream and achieve their full potential.  As a result, they worked with multiple non-profit organizations to help create a community village that includes an orphanage, a medical clinic, a primary school and a church.     

Today Pothawira (Safe Haven) is thriving.  So much that it now needs a lead organization to help support and coordinate its expansion and movement toward self-sufficiency.  That's where we enter the story. 

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Our Mission

We empower individuals in developing countries to achieve their full potential by providing access to quality healthcare, education and economic opportunity.

Our Emphasis
  • Provide comprehensive, accessible and affordable healthcare with a focus on women and children

  • Provide education and training to break the cycle of poverty

  • Provide economic sustainability programs to support communities, organizations and individuals

Our Vision

Impacting lives to change the world.

Peter and Emma Maseko, Co-founders

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