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Pothawira (Safe Haven) Christian Mission Organisation


  • Capital:  Lilongwe

  • Population: 18 million

  • Life expectancy at birth:  62 years

  • Maternal mortality rate:  807 per 100, 000 (highest in the world)

  • Under 5 morality rate: 112 per 1000

  • HIV prevalence: 12%, 91,000 children are infected and close to half of the estimated 2 million orphans being orphaned due to this disease

  • Malaria: Number one killer of children under the age of 5 years old

  • Education:  Only 32% of children complete primary school, 8% complete secondary school and less than 5,000 students are admitted into the four public universities each year

  • 74% of the population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25/day

About Pothawira (Safe Haven) 


This comprehensive community project sits on 50+ acres in Daniel Village, Salima District in Malawi, Africa.  It is about 100 kilometers east of the capital city of Lilongwe.  Our work at Pothawira (Safe Haven) focuses on healthcare, education and economic sustainability projects.  We also provide support in the area of orphan care in partnership with The Global Orphan Project. 


We provide financial support for multiple phases of the Pothawira Clinic.

Outpatient Clinic

Opening in 2012, this clinic sees between 200-300 patients a day.  50% of the patients are children. Malaria is one of the greatest health threats in the region.  1,200 malaria assays are used per month and 60% are positive for malaria. Services provided by the clinic include general medical care, prenatal care, pediatric outpatient care, HIV prevention and treatment, as well as malaria prevention and treatment. The clinic serves as a literal life line for thousands of people in Malawi, connecting them to life saving medical treatment.  We provide operating funds for the outpatient clinic.    

Maternity Ward

Pothawira (Safe Haven) has expanded its medical services to the community.  Construction started in 2016 on a Maternity Ward and is expected to open in 2020.  It will include 20 rooms and be the model for obstetrical and neonatal services for the region.  We provide operating funds for this facility.

Hospital Ward

The final phase will include operating rooms and a pediatric ward.  We will assist in the development and operation of this facility.


We provide financial support in several area relating to the Pothawira Academy.

Primary School 

The primary school at Pothawira Academy currently has around 300 students in Standards 1 - 8.  While many of the students are residents of the Pothawira orphanage, children from the surrounding community also attend the school.  The primary school has a 90% pass rate on the national exams.  We provide operating funds for the primary school which includes administrative and teacher salaries, text books, uniforms, exam books and other resources. 

Secondary School

Pothawira (Safe Haven) does not currently have a secondary school.  Unfortunately, Malawi does not have enough schools to accommodate all the children that pass the Standard 8 exam and qualify for secondary education.  The only other option is private school which is expensive.  As a result, Pothawira (Safe Haven) has decided to start its own secondary school.  Land has been purchased and planning is in the works to build a secondary school for 360-400 students complete with a state-of-the-art science lab and computer lab.  


Pothawira (Safe Haven) currently sends several students to private schools in Malawi and the United States.  We will provide funding to cover the expenses for those students until the secondary school is completed.  


We provide financial support for several projects that will lead to economic sustainability for Pothawira (Safe Haven).