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Pothawira (Safe Haven) Christian Mission Organisation


  • Capital:  Lilongwe

  • Population: 18 million

  • Life expectancy at birth:  62 years

  • Maternal mortality rate:  807 per 100, 000 (highest in the world)

  • Under 5 morality rate: 112 per 1000

  • HIV prevalence: 12%, 91,000 children are infected and close to half of the estimated 2 million orphans being orphaned due to this disease

  • Malaria: Number one killer of children under the age of 5 years old

  • Education:  Only 32% of children complete primary school, 8% complete secondary school and less than 5,000 students are admitted into the four public universities each year

  • 74% of the population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25/day

About Pothawira (Safe Haven) 


This comprehensive community project sits on 50+ acres in Daniel Village, Salima District in Malawi, Africa.  It is about 100 kilometers east of the capital city of Lilongwe.  Our work at Pothawira (Safe Haven) focuses on serving the community of Salima by providing healthcare, education and economic sustainability projects. Through this service,  individuals will be empowered, educated, equipped, and enabled to live better lives and to serve their community. We also provide support in the area of orphan care in partnership with The Global Orphan Proje​ct, Hovde Foundation  and Many Hopes.

Pothawira’s mission is to transform Malawi by serving the community through a holistic approach that meets both physical and spiritual needs.

Peter and Emma Maseko and Dr. Anne Maseko-Alaniz established Pothawira in 2009. The organization was founded as an NGO to serve the Salima District, Daniel Village, and Traditional Authority Mananga, Malawi. Services may extend to other areas as finances become available.


Since the organization’s founding with the purchase of land, Pothawira has built and maintains an orphanage, a health clinic, a primary school, a birthing center with a women’s shelter, water towers, and a maize/rice mill. Early in 2022 a learning center that includes primary and secondary curriculum will begin operations.


Orphanage. There are currently 120 children that are resident in the orphanage. The children live in duplexes with 10 children in each under the care and support of a live in “momma”.


Health Clinic. The health clinic, which sees between 200-300 patients per day, has gained a reputation as one of the best clinics in east central Malawi. Operating rooms are in the plans.


Primary and Secondary Schools. The primary school is open to the children in the orphanage as well as to children from surrounding areas. There are currently 334 students attending, both male and female. Pothawira has provided 53 scholarships for students to attend secondary and post-secondary schools. A primary and secondary learning center opened 2022. A High School is in the plans.


Birthing Center. The birthing center is a model for obstetrical and neonatal services in the region, providing a women’s shelter where women can await their labor and delivery.


Maize/rice mill. The maize/rice mill opened in August 2021 and supports the operations of Pothawira Malawi as well as generates revenue for the organization.

Six administrators for the various areas of the organization manage all operations of Pothawira Malawi. One hundred local men and women make up the staff for all facets of the organization.


As an NGO, Pothawira depends upon grants, donations, and fundraising to support its operations. Please visit for more information on Pothawira’s operations. 

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